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Dźwignik Hydrauliczny T15-S-18-UD

Heavy Lifting System (on strands) - Hydraulic heavy lift climbers climbing on PC-strands

Our strand system T15 is meant to be used as a lifting-, pulling and lowering device for temporary mobile use on building sites, repair- and installation work within the industry and similar sites where there is a need for a flexible, easily object-adaptable equipment.

The system is made for the work load 12 ton per unit at hanging load, 15 ton per unit at horizontal pulling respectively 6 ton per unit at hanging work platform. The system works with PC-strands of 18mm diameter. The units can be linked together through a universal hydraulic system to handle very heavy loads.

The equipment is in accordance with 89/392 EEG.

For more detailed information about T15-S-18 please click on the "read more".




Podnośnik hydrauliczny

Hydraulic Lift 2510 Climber

Based on a system working on a square cross-section rod.

It is used for lifting and lowering objects of significant weight, with a particular focus on storage tanks. It makes it easy to replace bottoms of the tanks, as well as increase their capacity, by joining (welding) the next cargii.

The system has the lifting capacity up to 42 tons.



Podnośnik hydrauliczny

DL-S Heavy Lifting System

The jack works with PC-strands with a diameter of 18mm.

The system is adapted to the capacity to 15, 62, 185 and 418 tons, depending on the quantity of the PC-strands.

We have prepared a special document showing the various possibilities of application of our jacks. We are convinced that the "Schemes of operation" will be helpful in preparing for the implementation of the investment or troubleshooting.

We remain at your disposal.


Schemes of operationSchemes of operation