HEAVY-MONT on the construction site of the new EC Fortum Zabrze boiler

Heavy-Mont has contracted to raise the Economizer II as part of the construction of the new EC Fortum Zabrze boiler. The heater consists of 3 separate elements that will be merged before the lifting stage. The weight of Economizer II is about 100 tons.

The contract is executed on the order of ZRE Katowice S.A., which performs the mechanical assembly of the CFB boiler.

ZRE Katowice is a company with 60 years of experience in the energy market, which successfully achieves the most demanding projects in the industry. The company employs almost 1800 people and has large technical facilities located in Jaworzno. ZRE Katowice operates in many European and world markets. The services provided include, among others: assembly, modernization, repairs of equipment and installations, power and industrial installations.

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