Heavy-Mont puts safety first.

We wish to draw attention to the fact, that our devices were produced by renowned Swedish manufacturers, and the jacks can boast the best security features, which are affected by:

  • special PC-strands made of seven- threaded hardened steel with a specific, high lift capacity – 38.4 tons
  • hydraulic hoses with quick connect couplings giving the confidence and assurance that the system is tight and secure
  • special operator panel with gauges for constant pressure control and safety valves

All this gives you full control over the devices. The operator panel also allows greater precision in controlling the jacks by dividing the hydraulic circuits with any number of load overload protection, on four separate sectors of connected vessels.

Our advantage is well experienced staff with appropriate qualifications and permissions issued by the UDT (Polish Governmental Office of Technical Inspection).

Another safety factor is to ensure that the service is going to be completed, and the interests of the client are fully protected. For these reasons we started cooperation with the office of the brokerage to better meet the expectations of our customers.

We understand how important trust is in the implementation of such specialized work, that Heavy-Mont offers its customers. Therefore, every insurance policy is prepared for the contract and the expectations of our customer. Taking into account all the factors and requirements, we develop a policy combining all these elements.

An additional aspect of confidence as to the execution of the contract is the fact that the company Heavy-Mont has a partner: Zanem Company, which successfully operates in the construction and installation services for over 12 years, and its management team has been in business for 40 years.

For these reasons, we can guarantee the highest quality of services with particular emphasis on safety, which is essential during the realization of projects for our clients.

Adding these elements together creates perfection. Perfection, which can be seen in even the smallest detail in the course of our work.

We hope that our offer will be of interest and we will have the pleasure of working together.

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