About us

Jesteśmy pierwszą w Europie ,specjalistyczną firmą oferującą usługi montażowe z wykorzystaniem mobilnych urządzeń o udźwigu do 418 ton każde.

The company provides services involving lifting or moving the equipment, devices or constructions. Moreover, the company offers the assembly of the above-mentioned.

The range of services:

  • Carrying out work inside buildings, where other devices (such as cranes) have limited access or don’t have it at all
  • Work in the open space, shortening the time of the assembly while maintaining full professionalism at the same time
  • Transferring massive objects
  • Work at all other similar investments

We provide comprehensive services, starting with the development of technical and organizational project to implementation under our own supervision.

How do we prepare an offer for our client?

Heavy-Mont approaches each task individually, and this is the way we prepare an offer based on customer expectations and scope of the contract. This is what we can offer to our clients:

/Design stage/

The concept of assembly – development of a comprehensive concept of assembly – how and using what equipment will the task be fulfilled. This point also includes plans and blueprints, the equipment used for installation and the required calculations made by the designer.
Construction design – if tasks requires building additional support structure based on the main structure, building it is also in our range. We can also undertake creating the work organization plan in accordance with the guidelines of the investor and the owner of the object on which work is carried out.

/Implementation stage/

Supply of equipment with tie rods on site and rent for the duration of the work – We supply equipment to the construction site together with pumps, handles, hoses, operator panel and PC-strands, whose length always corresponds to the standards set in the order and depends on jacks positioning.
Operation of equipment by a qualified operator with the appropriate UDT cerificate during the execution of the order – all our operators have the qualification certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection after the successful completion of the exam. In addition, they have the knowledge and experience needed to perform complex and demanding projects via mobile jacks.
Fitting – Our team has a group of experienced fitters and depending on the demands made by the customer, we can undertake the installation of various types of components. We also work on typical assembly, using cranes.

Liability insurance

Our offer always includes a standard liability insurance, which is a guarantee of safeguarding the interests of our customers. Insurance, which is part of the offer is inextricably linked to the equipment being operated by a qualified operator. Only in this case it is possible to take full responsibility for the quality of service offered. At the request of our customers the insurance may be expanded depending on customer requirements. All of these elements can become the part of the service we want to offer you. As a team of experts, we can also take on support for the implementations already undertaken by our customers. Please note that the above elements fully protect both you and us and guarantee that the service will be carried out with the utmost care and will be a service of high quality, fully corresponding to your expectations. At the same time we remain flexible in this respect.

We remain at your disposal.

We offer full service and insurance contracts, but this is not the cheapest service on the market.

Can we help with anything?

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