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Heavy-Mont raised the steam drum at Ciech Soda Janikowo.
Wednesday, 28 August 2019 08:44

Heavy-Mont acquired the order to raise the steam drum of the modernized OP-140 boiler at the CHP plant in Janikowo using hydraulic jacks. The task was to pull the steam drum to the level of + 28m. The order was carried out for Remonty Kotłów Sp. z o.o. Sp. K., which performed assembly for RAFAKO.


Steam drum parameters:

Weight: 28 tons

Length 10 m


Modernization of the installation for the removal of carbonates in the flotation process in the ZWR Polkowice - stage III
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 08:44

We are pleased to announce that Heavy-Mont has acquired another contract from ZANEM in the mechanical industry at the Reactor Hall facility as part of the task titled "Modernization of the installation for the removal of carbonates in the flotation process in the ZWR Polkowice - Stage III". ZANEM carries out work in the machine and installation industry for the benefit of PEBEKA S.A., which is the General Contractor of the entire task. The aim of the task is modernization and reconstruction of technological equipment along with infrastructure in the Reactor Hall and Flotation Hall in Zakłady Wzbogacania Rudy o / Polkowice. These works are to enable the process of removing carbonates from the semi-finished operation and cleaning the concentrate of the first technological process using sulfuric acid - technical and diluted, supplied from Copper Smelter Głogów and Legnica.

Within the scope of work commissioned to us by ZANEM, there is, among others:

  • buildings in reactors and conditioners of new types of agitators,
  • installation of a pipeline system and gutters enabling the lixivitation process to be carried out in the existing system (two sequences in a cascade) or optionally in a system of 6 reactors operating in parallel,
  • development of a new sixfold feed splitter,
  • strengthening reactor chambers,
  • development of transmitting boxes,
  • pump installation with pipelines,
  • disassembly works.
Lifting of the steel structure of the Tower No. 11
Thursday, 09 November 2017 08:44

We are proud to announce that once again we received an order from ZANEM on lifting the steel structure of Tower No. 11, located on the premises of Zakład Hydrotechniczny, belonging to KGHM PM SA.

The order will be divided into 3 stages during years 2017-2018.

Weight of the structure is 80 tons.

HEAVY-MONT on the construction site of the new EC Fortum Zabrze boiler
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 06:44

Heavymont dla ZRE Katowice

Heavy-Mont has contracted to raise the Economizer II as part of the construction of the new EC Fortum Zabrze boiler. The heater consists of 3 separate elements that will be merged before the lifting stage. The weight of Economizer II is about 100 tons.

The contract is executed on the order of ZRE Katowice S.A., which performs the mechanical assembly of the CFB boiler.

ZRE Katowice is a company with 60 years of experience in the energy market, which successfully achieves the most demanding projects in the industry. The company employs almost 1800 people and has large technical facilities located in Jaworzno. ZRE Katowice operates in many European and world markets. The services provided include, among others: assembly, modernization, repairs of equipment and installations, power and industrial installations.

Reconstruction of Sulphuric Acid Plant
Monday, 15 August 2016 06:21

Heavymont dla Zanem

Reconstruction of Sulphuric Acid Plant is one of the key investments in the implementation of the "Modernization of Pyrometallurgy in Copper Smelter Głogów I" program.

The scope of work of Heavy-Mont includes: dismantling turbocharger, steel pipes, steel structures and installation of the chimney, coolers and other equipment.

Ordering Customer is ZANEM, the company that conducts investments on four nodes of Sulphuric Acid Plant.

Implementation period is July-August 2016.

Assembly of Dryers - EC-3 Głogów Faculty

Heavymont dla Zanem

The task will be divided into two stages. In the first stage, one dryer will be raised using our jack and inserted into the hall of the EC-3 Głogów Faculty of Huta Miedzi Głogów.

In the second stage, two dryers will be drawn into the hall by two jacks.

The work performed on behalf of the Zanem company, which modernizes the dehumidified compressed air system in the EC-3 Głogów Faculty.

The weight of a dryer is 17 tons.

We have partnered with the Insurance Broker.

RKBWe have partnered with the Broker insurance company "RKB" from Wroclaw. RKB will be responsible for the preparation of insurance for contracts executed by Heavy-Mont.

We place great emphasis on trust and we want to do our best to better respond to the needs and expectations of our customers.

We decided to entrust such an important part of the contract, which is the insurance to professionals. We are convinced that this is another factor that will convince you to cooperate with Heavy-Mont and ensure you that perfection in the execution of contracted work is crucial for us.

Insurance broker - the "RKB" company is known for its insurance of tallest building in Poland - skyscraper "Sky Tower" - built by LC Corp, owned by billionaire Leszek Czarnecki. The company was founded in 2000, but the origins of its activity in the insurance industry dates back to 1991.

The company has been authorized by the State Insurance Supervisory Authority No. 803/00 of 4 May 2000.

New order from ZANEM

We are proud to announce that once again we received an order from ZANEM on lifting the steel structure of Tower No. 11, located on the premises of Zakład Hydrotechniczny, belonging to KGHM PM SA.

As before, the order involves lifting the structure of 2,6 m

Weight of the structure is 80 tons.

Download the schemes of operation!
Saturday, 08 March 2014 14:59

DownloadWe have prepared a special document showing the various possibilities of application of our jacks. We are convinced that the "Schemes of operation" will be helpful in preparing for the implementation of the investment or troubleshooting.

We remain at your disposal.


Schemes of operationSchemes of operation

We work with new lifts
Monday, 25 November 2013 10:23

Podnośnik hydrauliczny 2As part of the response to the needs of customers, our offer has been extended with hydraulic jacks working on a square cross-section rod.

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